Mintres BV can offer its customers a wide range of products and services based around diamond and other high performance ceramics. Our specialty is co-development of a product with a customer and then taking it to high volume production although production to drawing is also possible.

Composite diamond pieces


Composite Diamond

Composite Diamond material (CD) is a high thermally conductive substrate material of 600 W/mK and a CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) of 3.00 ppm/K. It is a suitable material for devices with small heat sources, such as Laser Diodes (LD), Laser Diode Arrays (LDA) and high power microelectronic devices.

This material can be polished to high surface qualities and flatness. Due to our high precision laser cutting processes, we can achieve edge quality needs for Laser Diodes and LDA’s. A wide range of thin film metallizations is available including basic Ti/Pt/Au and AuSn materials for advanced soldering needs.

Characteristics of Composite Diamond:
  • Thermal conductivity (W/mK): 600
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (ppm/K, @300K): 3.00
  • Thermal diffusivity (cm/s): 3.20
  • Density (g/cm3): 4.12
  • Young’s Modulus (GPa): 841
  • Specific heat capacity (J/cm3K): 1.90
  • Electrical resistivity (Ω⋅cm): 0.015


  • Standard available material thickness: 0.30±0.025 (mm)
  • Surface quality, device side: Ra < 100nm
  • Surface quality, substrate side: Ra <600nm
  • Au metallization configuration: Ti/Pt/Au (100/120/1000nm)
  • Solder metallization configurations:
        Ti/TiN/Ti/AuSn (80/20)/Au (40/120/40/3000/50 nm)
        Ti/Pt/AuSn (75/25)/Au (100/120/3600/50nm)
  • Typical flatness specification: 5μm/10mm
  • Other thicknesses/configurations are possible.