In June 2023 we took part in the EPIC 20 years Logo Contest with a special HeatSink "to keep EPIC cool through its hot growing"

Many compliments to all of us!

Our Sample, a large Au-coated AlN part with an engraved EPIC logo and a smaller insert of a diamond part with an Au pattern in the form of the EPIC logo, received 122 votes in the online competition, placing us in 4th place and allowing us to be selected for the live vote!

We achieved 5th place in the final voting (out of a total of 11 participants), which took place during the EPIC 20 years Celebration on the 24th of June. Our Herman Godfried was present, bringing our physical sample to be showcased with some of the other contestants during the Celebration and at the EPIC booth at the Laser World of Photonics exhibition in Munich.

Our inspiration
Mintres is specialised in making AlN and diamond heat spreaders. When EPIC started in 2003 it had a warm start, we suggest to deal with it using an AlN heat spreader. The years are passing, now 20, and EPIC is really getting hot in the spotlight, with a much “higher thermal density”: a growing number of members, many successful Events, Job in Photonics! We can help EPIC keeping it cool by using a diamond heat spreader, which is smaller while adding much more value.

The techniques we used
The large AlN part has a polished surface, laser engraved with the EPIC logo and cleaned properly, before being covered with a highly reliable sputtered Au coating. It is diced to dimension with a good edge quality by means of a diamond saw blade. The smaller diamond part consists of a poly-crystalline CVD diamond with a high thermal conductivity of > 1000 W/mK, with patterned Ti/Pt/Au metallization showing the EPIC logo made by means of photolithography and lift-off method. The highly polished diamond part is laser cut to dimension with excellent edge quality. All techniques used are in-house at Mintres. Lead time for making the samples was less than a week, under an effective teamwork of 8 people.

Team & Tasks